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Dayton Celebrates High College, Career Readiness Score; Seniors Earn $4.5 Million in Scholarships

Dayton High School is celebrating a perfect "college and career readiness score".
It was announced at last week's board meeting by Superintendent Jay Brewer that the high school earned the distinction that last year was only earned by Walton-Verona and Pendleton County schools in Northern Kentucky.
"You have to understand where we came from," said Brewer. "Back in 2009, before I came in 2013, our CCR points were 2. Not 2 percent, 2 points. Now, in 2017, we have 100 points. That translates to a 76 percent, but we are very proud of our perfect score."
It was also announced that the district's preschool program received a 5-star award. Brewer said that the Head Start program's 5 star-rating is like a seal of quality and people should feel very good about trusting their children to such a highly-rated school system.  
Brewer said it is not a common award, but it is pretty special.
The board approved the tentative budget, which totaled $11,721,965.42. That includes a 1 percent raise for all employees, in addition to their step increases. Brewer said not many districts are giving raises for the 2017-2018 school year because of the uncertainty of the laws coming out of Frankfort concerning public schools, but a few districts are still giving raises.
Brewer said that the Cook For America program will be coming back to the school district in July to help give ideas to the schools' cooking staff about how to bost nutrition in meals that the students will eat. The high school will also host the summer meal program again this year from Monday through Friday in June and July.
Seniors at Dayton High School graduated on Friday and performed their annual walk through Lincoln Elementary to give the students an idea of what they had to look forward to. The seniors were able to earn $4,560,036 in scholarships this year, more than any other year. Brewer said that this is one of the largest senior classes ever, at 62 students, which he said is a huge improvement over the numbers in past years, which dipped as low as 30.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Dayton seniors walk at Lincoln Ele. (provided)