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Student Graduates from Bellevue with 13 Years of Perfect Attendance

D.J. Bricking didn't realize, when he started kindergarten at Grandview Elementary in Bellevue so many years ago, that he would be embarking on a perfect journey.
D.J. - short for Daniel Joseph - graduated from Bellevue High School last month with perfect attendance, having not missed a single day of kindergarten, high school, or any grade in between.
The early years of perfect attendance can be, at least, partially credited to D.J.'s parents, Elberta and Danny Bricking, who helped get him up and ready for school each day. But in the 6th grade, D.J. realized that he may have a good thing going.
"I just thought, hey, I haven't missed a day so far," Bricking said, remembering. "So I thought I might as well keep it going."
At the end of the sixth grade, D.J. received a medal and a Barnes & Noble gift card for his attendance efforts.
Those usual ailments and sicknesses that are prone to hitting children somehow managed to bypass D.J.
"I haven't been sick that much," he said. "When I was sick it was never very bad, and seemed to come on days I was off."
While at school, D.J. became a dedicated student. He graduated from Bellevue High School with a 4.25 grade point average, and 25 college credit hours thanks to the dual credit offerings from Gateway Community & Technical College, and he also participated in cross country and track.
"I think I am the proudest of my track, even slightly more than my attendance," D.J. commented. "I really put forth the effort and worked hard so I could be one of the top runners on my team in my senior year." He paused. "When it was all over, though, I guess I am proud of all three things: the attendance, the track, and my grades."
But even committed students like D.J. can find themselves tempted to take a day off.
"Yes, particularly  this year," D.J. confessed. "This was my best year. There were so many fun things going on, and we have more freedom. But I didn't want to mess up the record I had going."
In the fall, D.J., who won an alumni scholarship, will be a student at Northern Kentucky University where he will live on the Highland Heights campus. His plan is to major in political science and then to attend Chase College of Law at NKU.
"I have watched a lot of crime shows on TV," he said with a laugh. "I think it will be neat to be a lawyer."
And he'll have to problem getting around. 
"My mom told me they would get me a car if I made it all 13 years," D.J. said. Does he have one in mind? "No, I haven't looked at any. I think my mom and dad want to surprise me."
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: D.J. Bricking (provided)