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Theatre Review: "Busted Bumpers" Shines at Cincinnati Fringe

For two weeks every year, Fringe invades Cincinnati. This year’s theatre and arts festival features over 40 productions. Not every production is everyone’s cup of tea. But the spirit of Fringe is for audiences to push their boundaries as much as the artists push their own.

One artist who has pushed her boundaries this year is local playwright/actress Alexx Rouse. Her one-woman show entitled Busted Bumpers and Other Metaphors is the homegrown diamond in the rough of Cincy Fringe 2017. With national and international artists filling this year’s bill, Rouse proves that local talent can run with (and possibly outrun) the big dogs.

Billed as “a non-whiny solo show for anyone with a dad,” Busted Bumpers is much, much more. Wonderfully acted and brilliantly written, it is a celebration of family dysfunction that leaves the audience switching from laughter to tears at the drop of a White Castle slider.

A recent graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Rouse shoves her audience into the backseat of her father’s car for a peek into family conflict colored through the lens of youthful angst. Meticulously crafted rants on topics as wide-ranging as women cursing in public to life in Minneapolis, Minnesota are intertwined with stories so movingly intimate that she dares the audience to look away.  

In Busted Bumpers, Alexx Rouse takes her audience on an hour-long road trip of laughter and tears. Go along with her and enjoy the ride.  

Cincy Fringe continues through June 11th at various venues throughout the city. Busted Bumpers can be seen at the Cincinnati Art Academy Studio on June 2, 6, 8 and 9. Tickets are $15.00.  Click here for more information.

Rick Robinson is a contributor for The River City News. His new novel, The Promise of Cedar Key, will be released this summer.

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