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Christ Hospital Gets OK from State to Proceed with Ft. Mitchell Development

Christ has gotten the go-ahead.

The Kentucky Office of Health Policy on Friday approved The Christ Hospital Health Network's Certificate of Need (CON) application, allowing the health care provider to move forward with plans to construct an ambulatory surgery center in Ft. Mitchell on the site that was previously home to the Drawbridge Inn.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare had fought the development.

In a news release, Christ officials stated that the move will give more health care options to Northern Kentuckians.

"(Friday’s) ruling will provide consumers and our patients with more health care options. We now will be able to extend our exceptional surgical care in the areas of orthopedics, urology and gynecology to the residents of Northern Kentucky,” said The Christ Hospital President and CEO Mike Keating.

The project will include a free-standing emergency department, outpatient surgical services, diagnostic center, and access to physicians. The development will be in addition to the clinical and diagnostic services currently provided by Christ at its Ft. Wright location.

According to the Administrative Law Judge for the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, “Christ Hospital’s proposed ASC [ambulatory surgery center] is cost-effective because it will provide another safety net provider for ASC surgeries in the NKADD [Northern Kentucky Area Development District, which includes eight Northern Kentucky counties], which will strengthen the ability of low-income and Medicaid patients in the NKADD to receive the medical care they need; and maintaining the status quo would not be a more effective and economical use of resources because NKADD patients are underserved for outpatient surgery in the medical specialty areas of orthopedics, gynecology, urology, urinary, and neurovascular. There is an increasing number of Kentucky residents using Christ Hospital’s services, which demonstrates a need for Christ Hospital to increase access for its own patients, having a lower cost alternative for outpatient surgery would increase access to ASC services in the NKADD, and there is currently an out-migration of NKADD patients to Ohio and other areas for outpatient surgery demonstrating a need to provide increased access to ASC services within the NKYADD.”

The ambulatory surgery center will anchor the Fort Mitchell Gateway Project, a mixed-use project developed by Bellevue-based Brandicorp, which will include a hotel, restaurants, retail businesses, and multi-family units. 

-Staff report

Image via Brandicorp

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