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Swim Club Loses Parking to Development, Asks City for Help

Brookwood Swim Club in Edgewood has a parking problem.

Justin Slusher, Edgewood resident and Brookwood member, spoke to city council this week about it. 

In the past, when Brookwood would host swim meets, spectators could park across the street on a vacant stretch of land - but that land has been purchased and homes are being built upon it. 

Slusher asked the city for help.

Mayor John Link likened the situation to one where a person owned a boat, and he brought his boat down to the water with a trailer. When he gets to the water and puts the boat in, he has to park the trailer somewhere. Since there is a vacant lot nearby, he decides to put the trailer there. That works until someone buys the lot and then the man with the trailer has a problem.

Slusher asked council some questions. "Where can we park? Where can't we park?" Then, he urged the city to monitor the construction on the previously vacant land because he said it is not being cleaned up properly.

Justin Slusher talks to Edgewood city council about Brookwood's parking problem (RCN)

He also questioned where the storm water flows, saying that when it rains heavily, water pours off the hillside and blows the manhole covers off.  

"There needs to be a storm water runoff survey," Slusher said. "It is a concern."

"We are the little guy," Slusher continued. "We wanted to meet the new people, but instead we had the police called on us who said we couldn't park on the place we had parked for sixty years. That is the image that started this."

Council discussed some options, such as putting diagonal parking on the street, or extending the street and putting parking there. City Administrator Brian Dehner promised to keep and eye on the jobsite and to make sure that workers were cleaning everything up. The new homeowners were at the city council meeting also, and they promised to talk to the people about cleaning up the site. They told Slusher that they wanted to be good neighbors and eventually join the swim club.

Dehner said that the street is a one-way street; on one side the only parking available would be parallel parking, and no parking is allowed on the other side because it is a fire lane.  

Slusher apologized to council, but said he thought since no one had officially brought the issue to the city, someone had to do it.

Link said the issue needed to be discussed.  Brookwood is a good institution to have in the city, council agreed, so the city wants to find a solution. Dehner said that a meeting should be set with all parties involved.

Other notes:

Mayor Link announced that the Tuesday evening summer concert series has begun, and they all start at 7 p.m. in Presidents Park.

The Fourth of July festivities include a 5K race at 7:30 a.m., a parade at 9:30 a.m. and free concert at 7 p.m. in Freedom Park followed by fireworks at dusk at Freedom Park.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor