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Playground, Building Improvements at Dayton Schools; Superintendent Receives High Rating

The renovation of Dayton High School is almost completed. The improvements include heightened security features.

"Each classroom is controlled in a security measure where once the master button is pushed, every classroom will lock down within ten seconds," said Ron Kinmon, Director of Pupil Personnel. "With that, and the new access codes, and the fact that the building will be re-keyed, the high school will be a lot more secure."

He noted that the entry vestibule to the high school is more secure, also. Before, when someone buzzed to be let into the school, the secretary had a more difficult time seeing the person, since they were about thirty feet away. Now the doors have glass in them, and when someone buzzes to be let in, they will only be less than five feet away.  

There is also now a small area that is enclosed to shelter those waiting to be buzzed in.

The district hopes to begin work on Lincoln Elementary next year.

In the meantime, the City of Dayton is working with the school, and they are going to start paving and blacktopping the parking lots, first in the high school, and then at Lincoln. Kinmon said the work is due to start this week on the first parking lot.

At the same time, the playground for the preschool is going to be taken out, and phase one of a new playground area will be put in its place. The new playground is a collaborative effort involving the school, Head Start, and Children, Inc. The colors will be green, blue, and yellow.

Preschool director Brittney Howell told the board of education that the playground that is in place now was moved from another location, and without a schematic on how to put it together, the playground had a few gaps that Howell always wondered about. She is very happy about the new playground, and has plans for phase two to add to the design.

New scoreboards were donated to the school for the gymnasium, also. 

Kinmon said they hope to have all the improvements done by August 1.

The board approved the evaluatin of Superintendent Jay Brewer, giving him the highest rating, exemplary, in all seven leadership categories. Brewer said he could not have scored as high without the support he has received, and without the help of the board and staff to accomplish the things he has done.

"It's definitely a we thing," he said, "instead of a me thing."

The board also approved the technology purchase request that will bring eight laptop computers, four docking stations, keyboard and mouse combinations, and three laptop computers for the preschool.

Steve Crawford came to explain the insurance coverage for property, fleet, liability and worker's compensation. Crawford said the district still had a rating of over 1 percent, which was high, so the premium will be $108,697. The board approved it.

Brewer announced that the Cook for America team is returning to the district in July.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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