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Local Playwrights Bring "7 Deadly Sins" to Stage in Ft. Thomas

Seven Deadly Sins. Now there’s an inspiration for an evening of short plays.

Village Players of Fort Thomas continues its annual showcase of local playwrights June 30-July 2 with six local scripters taking on our favorite vices, from gluttony to sloth.

Will Lindsey, who is a member of Village’s New Works Group and one of the playwrights, said Fort Thomas’s busiest playwright, Teri Foltz, came up with the theme last year.

“We weren't sure it would work, but we all started writing with that in mind. We decided early on that even if it didn't work, if we didn't end up with enough viable plays that fit the theme, we would cobble together a production of shorts anyway,” Lindsey said.

Happily, it worked.

Who doesn’t love a good vice? Well-known Northern Kentucky playwright Angela Klocke Forbes enjoys them so much she took on two: lust and greed. “I picked lust because it just sounded like the most fun. At some point it became clear we needed to cover a couple of other sins and I had an idea that I thought might work for greed,” she said. 

In Lust, office workers discuss hidden - and not so hidden - desires over lunch. Greed finds a woman visiting a detention center to share important news with her convict boyfriend.

Forbes will also be on stage in Seven Deadly Sins, which, she says, “made rehearsals especially fun.”

“Our process was quite fluid," Lindsey explains. “A couple of us said right away, I'll take Greed, or, I have an idea for Sloth."

“We tried to keep the process as open as possible and include as many writers as possible, knowing that could mean we'd end up with a play or plays we couldn't use. We landed with eight plays, two covering Pride, and we decided that having one extra was preferable to voting one out."

The Prides are by Judy Sceifres and Kenneth Klem, who does double duty as the evening’s director. Sceifres’s setting is a mother's birthday where the adult kids still act like kids. Klem takes the audience to an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where politics, dysfunctional relationships, and status are explored.

Lindsey’s subject is Wrath, about a convicted murderer given the opportunity to tell her side of the story.

Tammy Brady took on a pair of sins: Inside a man's cluttered apartment, a young couple discover that truth is the foundation of trust in Gluttony. In Envy, a colleague learns how to let go of self-destructive and self-imposed restrictions.

Teri Foltz laughs, “I wrote Sloth because...they say to write what you know!”

While she says she’s “in favor of this particular sin” she certainly doesn’t get much opportunity to indulge.  

She and Forbes both had 10-minute plays in The Drama Workshop’s annual Home Brew local playwrights showcase earlier this month and one of her 10-minute plays is in a festival in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Foltz’s full-length comedy The Faculty Lounge opened last week at the Oil Lamp Theatre in suburban Chicago. “It runs through early August and I’ll get up there in late July to see it. It’s very exciting!”

Foltz is fresh back from Kenyon College's Playwriting Conference where, “I learned so much. I'm finishing my second full-length play and received excellent guidance at the conference. When I feel it's ready, I'll be submitting it!”

Playwright Steven Dietz was among the guest lecturers and Foltz took the opportunity to ask him if he’d do a workshop with area playwrights if he comes to Cincinnati in fall for Ensemble Theatre’s season opener of his play This Random World.

“Fingers crossed!”

Slothful Foltz is also involved in the lobby design and “what-nots” for Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven Deadly Sins, June 30-July 2. The Village Players of Fort Thomas, 8 Fort Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas. 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday. Tickets $15. 859-392-0500 and here.

Written by Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts

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