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Ludlow, Elsmere Senior Centers Win Arts Grant

ArtsWave has awarded a Catalyzing Impact Grant to Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission to support arts programming at the senior centers in Ludlow and Elsmere.
The purpose of the Catalyzing Impact Grant Program is to bring arts and cultural heritage programming to populations who typically don’t have access.
“We are thrilled to have received funding from ArtsWave to bring arts programming to our senior centers. This is such a wonderful opportunity for us to offer new and exciting programming and provide an opportunity for some of our seniors to experience the arts who otherwise would not be able to do so,” said Rhonda Chisenhall, NKCAC Vice President for Community Development.
The grant will allow NKCAC to host twelve programs between July and December of this year. The events include painting, drawing, rhythms, theatre, songs for seniors and more with a purpose of educating, engaging, enriching, and entertaining. Dramakenetics, a program designed to allow our seniors to use their bodies, voices, and imagination to express themselves creatively, will be offered each week at both senior centers starting in August.
“What a wonderful event for seniors to attend. This is something we would not have been able to do on our own.” said Laura Souder, a senior who regularly attends the senior center events.
Each of the programs offered through the grant are designed to stimulate thought and creativity, provide learning opportunities, and give seniors the opportunity to laugh and enjoy themselves while staying connected to the outside world. All seniors over the age of 60 are welcome to attend these free events.
These activities, as well as yoga classes, walking groups, bingo, euchre, and potluck lunches can be found on the senior center’s calendars at the Elsmere site and the Ludlow site.
-Staff report
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