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Happy Birthday: The River City News Turns 6 Years Old!

On June 28, 2011, a new blog launched in Covington:

Quite a domain, eh?!

The first story, "Budget Battle No Clearer Today than Yesterday or in May", documented the rising fiscal crisis that the City of Covington was facing.

That summer, The River City News creator Michael Monks would aggressively document Covington City Hall's efforts to stave off bankruptcy, the resignation of Mayor Denny Bowman, the appointment of "the Accidental Mayor" Chuck Scheper, and the reforms that were implemented to right the Covington ship. 

The publication grew rapidly in Covington, and the blog's companion Facebook page became the go-to spot for debate and conversation about the city.

Eventually, The River City News blog began writing about Covington Independent Public Schools, local businesses, crime, and other issues.

By the fall of 2012, when election season was in full swing, the blog became a digital newspaper, and what became colloquially known as RCN launched its new website, That year, a live election results show and party atop the Radisson Hotel established The River City News as a dominant news source in Northern Kentucky.

By 2014, RCN was covering the neighboring River Cities of Newport, Ludlow, Bellevue, and Dayton, those cities' school districts, and the Kenton and Campbell County Fiscal Courts. 

In 2015, RCN opened its own office in the Mutual Building on Madison Avenue in downtown Covington. RCN creates new content each day and its multi-media productions, like podcasts and the popular RCN Live! series, have garnered several awards.

Now, six years later, RCN has supplanted the Cincinnati corporate media as the must-read daily destination for news and views about Northern Kentucky - and not just the urban cities, but the suburbs, too. 

Led by founder and publisher Michael Monks, and assisted by contributors Jackie Demaline, Brian Frey, Patricia A. Scheyer, Kareem Simpson, and Carrie Crotzer, The River City News has more original reporting about Northern Kentucky than any other media outlet.

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