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Taylor Mill Moves Forward on Road Repair Projects

The issue of roads slippage was the focus of part of the Taylor Mill City Commission meeting.

Mayor Dan Bell offered a report on the status of Wolf Road, which is suffering from slippage. The City of Taylor Mill annexed land to the middle of the road while the City of Covington annexed land up to the road, and the remainder of the road is owned by Kenton County.

Bell said that repairs are expected to cost $450,000, and that Kenton County Judge/Executive will call a meeting between county officials and representatives from both cities involved.

"It is important to keep the road open, because of the businesses down there that need the access to the expressway," said Bell.

The city commission voted Wednesday to stabilize slippage on Mason and Old Taylor Mill Roads. 

City engineer Robert Seitzinger explained that there were two options for repair: railroad ties or concrete piers. The city received emergency road aid funds from the state in the amount of $40,000 for Mason Road and $50,000 for Old Taylor Mill Road. Railroad ties on Mason Road would cost $49,800 while on Old Taylor Mill Road, the cost would be $80,840. Railroad ties are less expensive than concrete piers, so the commission opted for railroad ties and will fund the remainder of the project through the city's road repair budget.

Meanwhile, the city received three bids for the paving of Bluelake Drive and Rosewood Court and the city commission voted to award the contract to JPS Construction for $244,440. Commissioner Mark Kreimborg voted against the contract, arguing that the developer of the apartment community on the site had previously promised to re-pave the streets. Commissioner Dan Murray said that he also remembered that promise, but said that the city's decision to go with JPS would lead to a stronger street.

Kreimborg countered that had the developer done the work that was promised the street wouldn't need so much repair now. 

Other notes:

It was also announced that workers are digging up the playground at Pride Park so that new equipment may be installed, including handicapped swings, donated by Kevin Novesl of Knuk N Futz. New ground covering will also be installed.

Commissioner Kreimborg said that he was contacted by Barleycorn's restaurant, asking him to retract what he had said at a city commission meeting in June when he suggested that residents of Lakeside Park have complained about live music at the local chain's Dixie Highway location. The issue was brought up during a discussion about adding a patio at Knuk N Futz on Taylor Mill Road. Kreimborg said that he could not retract what he was told.

Finally, Mayor Bell said there will be a special meeting on Wednesday, July 19, at 7 p.m. to discuss zoning issues.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor