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Ft. Wright Will Look at Planning Services Next Year; Checking Out Sidewalk Trip Hazards

The Fort Wright City Council approved paying a fee of $3,500 to Planning and Development Services at its meeting last week. 

The “One Stop Shop” program allows cities across Northern Kentucky to select services that they want from PDS and to pay for those specifically.

PDS will continue providing its current services to the city in addition to fees citizens have to pay when PDS services are used.

Mayor Dave Hatter said that from PDS’s perspective the plan makes sense so that all services being utilized by the city are being paid for.

“By the time we figure out how we would even want to do any of this ourselves, it’s not worth the $3,500, so we’re not going to argue that right now,” Hatter said. “But we are going to look at it again next year.”

Services Fort Wright will continue to receive from PDS include:

  • Providing zoning ordinance applications and reviews

  • Code enforcement when violations are found

  • Reviewing and issuing building permits

  • Providing data from Kenton County Vacant Foreclosed Properties Registry

Other Notes:

The council also approved a plan similar to one in Covington, where they will have a contractor come in and find trip hazards on sidewalks throughout Fort Wright. The city will be divided into six sections and the trip hazards will be repaired or replaced, also allowing sidewalks city-wide to be brought up to ADA standards.

Fort Wright will be installing a credit card processing system from Omega Processing as well so that citizens will now be able to pay fines and taxes online, with an additional processing fee based on the amount the citizen is paying.

Written by Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor