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Covington Producer to Launch New Pop-Up Studio, Audio Channel

Ever wanted to hear your voice on the radio?

You'll have a chance with Here Channel, a project by Covington-based audio, video, and live show producer Caroline Creaghead.

Here Channel is designed "to bring the best parts of radio and podcasting together to stream independently-produced audio made by anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area who wants to contribute." 

According to an announcement, all someone needs is an announcement and either way to record on their own or a way to get to the free pop-up recording studio going up across from Findlay Market in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. No experience is necessary.

“Media production has never been more accessible than it is with the internet - especially audio production, as evidenced by the podcasting boom - but there are still tools you need to create and distribute your ideas," Creaghead said in a news release. "Here Channel drops the barrier to entry as low as it can go by inviting everyone and anyone to come in and record using the in-house studio for free. At the same time, it elevates the reach of locally-produced content by bringing it all together on a sophisticated and user-friendly platform online. I’m focusing my curatorial duties to designing the project, but for the content itself it’s all up to the creators.

"Rules are for radio. This is the internet, baby, let’s get weird with it.”

The only rule is that your content can’t be hurtful to anyone. While the channel is described as "radically open", there will also be curated live shows held in the Here Channel space, showcasing diverse forms of boundary-pushing performance art from avant-garde music to stand-up comedy. 

The Here Channel pop-up opens on Friday, August 18, at People's Liberty (1805 Elm Street, Cincinnati), with an opening party from 6 to 9 p.m. The online stream launches at

The pop-up studio will close on Sunday, September 24.

About Here Channel:
Here Channel is a community-based internet radio station that will incorporate a studio and performance space with a custom-built online interface. Everyone regardless of age, experience or anything else is welcome to come in and record content to post to the channel, or submit what they’re recorded at home or in the field on their own. Here Channel will host training workshops and live events at the station that will be streamed live at

About People’s Liberty:
People’s Liberty is a philanthropic lab that brings together civic-minded talent to address challenges and uncover opportunities to accelerate the positive transformation of Greater Cincinnati. People’s Liberty invests directly in individuals through funding and mentorship, creating a new, replicable model for grantmakers in other cities.

-Staff report

Photo: Caroline Creaghead (provided)