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Can You Outrun Beethoven's 5th in a 5K? Symphony Offers Unique Challenge

‘Da-da-da-DUM’ will mark the beginning of Kentucky Symphony’s next free concert in Devou Park – and the beginning of the Beethoven 5k as the KSO offers a symphonic fitness and participation program as part of Covington’s Outdoor Weekend at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 5.

The program is a ‘double bill’ — a 5K run and boot camp workout for those so inclined and a delightful outdoor evening concert of popular classics for the rest of us.

Count KSO music director and maestro J.R. Cassidy among "the rest of us", although he’ll be getting a workout at the podium. He laughs that he “vaguely remembers circuit training from when I was young.”

These days his excuse is, “I’m always working,” which probably isn’t an excuse since it’s true. The indefatigable Cassidy shares his fitness regimen: “I watch what I put in my mouth.”

The concert theme is “Fit as a Fiddle” with the opening move Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and the Beethoven 5K (which opens with the best-known four-note motif in classical music). The trick is to beat Beethoven and the KSO back to the band shell before the final note. Cassidy says he and the orchestra can bring it in at 28 minutes.

Serious and recreational runners welcome, register will want to register for the certified, timed Beethoven 5K Run that opens this unique concert. Steve Prescott is race coordinator.

Runners will receive T-shirts and awards. Register at or (the route can be found there, too). Awards will be presented during intermission.

On to the second half of the program and boot camp!

“Sweatin’ to the Symphony” will be led by area fitness pros Bryen Pinkard and Francesca Dantzer. Program coordinator Pinkard promises a 50-minute workout with “a high intensity interval training with elements of circuit training, plyometrics, vinyasa, power flow yoga, and core training.”

Audience members are also welcome to sit back in their lawn chairs or on their blankets and enjoy the KSO accompanying with music appropriate from warm-up to cool-down, grouping 17 well-known classics by Bizet, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Brahms and more.

Fit as a Fiddle, 7:30 p.m. Aug. 5. Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, Devou Park amphitheatre, Covington. Free. $5 donation suggested. Concessions available. TANK Park & Ride Shuttle runs from Notre Dame Academy (across the street from Covington Catholic via Hilton Drive at the light) to the band shell from 6-7:30 p.m., and after the concert, $1 each way.

Written by Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts

Photo: Devou Park Bandshell (RCN file)

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