Taylor Mill Asks to Annex 36 Acres from Covington at Pride Park

Turns out, there's a small portion of Taylor Mill's Pride Park within the city limits of Covington.

The City of Taylor Mill owns the land, and would like for it to be within its own city limits.

On Tuesday, the Covington city commission will discuss a request from Taylor Mill Mayor Dan Bell on the matter. According to a letter submitted by Bell to Covington Mayor Joe Meyer, Taylor Mill is seeking to annex 36.547 acres. "The entire property was purchased by the City of Taylor Mill in 1996 and turned into a public park shortly thereafter," Bell wrote.

There are no residents on the land except for one Taylor Mill couple whose backyard is partially in the Covington city limits. 

According to Bell's letter, the 36.5 acres are already part of Pride Park's 80 acres.

On Tuesday, the Covington city commission holds a caucus meeting, so there will be no vote on the matter, only discussion.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday's caucus meeting:

  • The development of River Haus, the large apartment community coming to the 501 Main site in Mainstrasse Village, will seek to be included in the city's Energy Project Assessment District (EPAD). Covington was the first in Kentucky to take advantage of the new EPAD law adopted by the General Assembly in 2015. EPADs provide access to fixed, low-cost, extended term capital to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy and water efficiency improvements, according to a state document.
  • Three will be considered for promotion in the Covington Fire Department: Tyler Cherry to captain, Steven Bramlage to lieutenant, and Anthony Frey to engineer.
  • The Catalytic Fund will present the results from last spring's Beyond the Curb tour in Covington

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Kids play at Pride Park during Parkfest (RCN file)