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Unused Covington Storefront Becomes Pop-Up Art Gallery

A new art gallery has popped up in downtown Covington.

Perennial Small Space is now operating at 625 Madison Avenue - in the only unused commercial space in the recently redeveloped Mutual Building. The tiny storefront opens a new exhibit on August 12, with paintings by curator Devan Horton.

It is the second exhibit at the gallery, which opened in July, and will feature six local artists each month through 2017.

The 10x10-ft. space will allow the installations, ranging from sculpture to mixed media drawing to painting, to surround visitors.

With the partnership of the Mutual Building and Renaissance Covington and the support of Forcht Bank, Horton was able to secure a slightly more permanent location for the community of artists and collectors to grow. Her last gallery, simply titled Perennial, was a nature-centered exhibition that embodied. “just like the wildflowers of spring, artistic passion and inspiration always come back,” she said.  

Horton’s main ambition for the gallery is to create an immersive experience all patrons can enjoy.

“The gallery is more than just browsing through art pieces hanging on a wall," she said. "How viewers navigate through the space, the music, and various added aesthetics and display techniques will offer even those unfamiliar to a gallery setting an experience that connects them to the artwork and facilitates a true understanding of the artist’s intent."

Horton's August exhibit, Pulchritudinous, will "take you deep into the woods, giving attendees an up-close look at the clorful assortment of mushrooms in our local ecosystems."

Pulchritudinous will feature hundreds of smaller handmade sculptures hanging around the room, bringing forest elements like insects and three-dimensional mushrooms to create a woodsy experience.

The show opens on Saturday, August 12, at 5 p.m. Gallery hours are August 13, 18-20 from noon to 5 p.m.

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