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Tree Falls on Emergency Communication Tower Compromising It

The structural integrity of a tower near the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky used for emergency communication in the region is in danger of falling, after a tree fell on it.

Few official details are known but The River City News has learned that Kenton County, City of Covington, and other officials met near the Children's Home in Covington to discuss the situation on Saturday afternoon.

The road leading to the Children's Home was closed Saturday.

The situation began late Friday, Kenton Co. Administrator Joe Shriver said. He explained that a tree fell on a guide wire at the tower as is "putting pressure where there shouldn't be pressure." Removing the tree and releasing that pressure, he said, could cause more damage.

What the fix may be was not yet clear. Further details about the situation would be made available Monday, Shriver said.

The tower is used to boost communication for police, fire and other emergency responders in the northern end of the county. It represents about 15 percent of the communication county in the region, Shriver said. Without the tower, coverage is not as good and radio signals are not as strong. "Obviously, you don't want that when it comes to emergency services, that's why we're taking precautions and making sure we have as much coverage as we can," Shriver said.

As of Saturday afternoon, the tower was still operational.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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