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Steve Beshear Talks to RCN: Brent Spence, Gay Marriage, Pensions & More

In a wide-ranging interview, former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear talked to The River City News publisher Michael Monks in an in-depth podcast. You can listen by streaming or downloading here.

Beshear has a new book about his time in office, People Over Politics, written with Dan Hassert, the former Kentucky Post writer who worked as a speechwriter in Beshear's administration.

On Wednesday, Beshear explored topics close to home such as his effort to get the Brent Spence Bridge corridor project moving - and his relationship with now-Covington Mayor Joe Meyer, who also worked in his administration. He also addressed a recent op-ed written by State Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill) that criticized the Democrat's position on pensions.

Additionally, Beshear touched on recent events such as the turmoil in Charlottesville, Va., his thoughts on his successor, Gov. Matt Bevin and the Republican's ongoing feud with his son, Attorney General Andy Beshear. The expansion of Medicaid in Kentucky as "kynect" was explored as a highlight of his time in office, and Beshear also spoke about his evolved position on same-sex marriage - an issue that earned an entire chapter in the new book after his name was attached to the losing end of a U.S. Supreme Court case that legalized it nationwide.

Listen here:

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