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Boone Students May Opt for Drug Testing as Part of New Club Membership

All five Boone County high schools have joined Drug Free Clubs of America (DFCA), Boone County Schools announced Monday.

The organation is a rewards and reinforcement program for drug-free students.

The club recruits drug free students who want to be rewarded for their good choices and arms them with prevention tools to keep them on track.

DFCA membership is strictly voluntary. A card-carrying member of DFCA agrees to be randomly drug tested at least five times during the school year. Testing procedures are confidential. The results are only given to the parents and the student. School administrators never see the results.
Membership to Drug Free Clubs of America is granted when the initial test result shows that the student is drug-free. Members get a full-color photo ID “Club Card”
that can be shown at school and businesses for reward offers or privileges designed just for members. 
“Boone County Schools is proud to provide students and their parents with a strategy of true prevention to avoid the drug epidemic that is looking for new victims every day in our community," said Kathy Reutman, Boone County Schools executive director of student services. “When just saying no isn’t enough for today’s teens, membership to
DFCA now gives them a legitimate reason to turn down drugs. They can now say, I cannot because I am a member of a club where I am randomly drug tested.”
Club meetings are not required for members but schools and DFCA student members can choose to hold meetings.
-Staff report