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Crescent Springs to End Contract with Erlanger Police

The City of Crescent Springs will end its contract with the Erlanger Police Department.

Crescent Springs city council voted Wednesday to authorize Mayor Lou Hartfiel to provide notice to the Erlanger Police that the contract would end on June 30, 2018, which is the scheduled end of the current 5-year contract between the city and that department.

Erlanger Police have patrolled Crescent Springs for ten years.

In June, Crescent Springs sought a 6-month contract extension so that it could evaluate its options and expenses related to police services. Erlanger's city council rejected that proposal when Police Chief Tony Wilson explained that his department would need to add more officers to patrol Crescent Springs - which would place the department at a number that the city couldn't afford if the contract were canceled.

At the subsequent Crescent Springs city council meeting, the city decided to entertain other opportunities. Villa Hills Police made an offer to take over patrol of the city at roughly half the cost.

Crescent Springs currently pays Erlanger $1,068,666 under a five-year contract that expires next year, and costs would increase under a new contract, which led Crescent Springs to begin a search for a cheaper option.

“We’ve given them a fair proposal,” Villa Hills Police Chief Bryan Allen said of his bid, which was $546,694 per year, nearly half of the cost Erlanger proposed.

“I think that they have to justify why they have to spend $300,000 to $500,000 more for police services when we can provide that same police service that Erlanger is giving them right now.”

In a news release, the City of Crescent Springs expressed gratitude to Erlanger Police and said that it would begin officially soliciting proposals for police services.
Crescent Springs will work with the Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) to review the offerings of those agencies that respond. Crescent Springs encouraged Erlanger to participate in the bid process to potentially extend the two cities' relationship.
-Michael Monks, editor & publisher
Photo: Crescent Springs Mayor Lou Hartfiel (via City of Crescent Springs)