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Newport Shop Owner Shoots Robbery Suspect

One suspect was shot and another was arrested after an attempted robbery at a Newport pawn shop.

Police were called to the 800 block of Monmouth Street early Wednesday afternoon following a report of a shooting. Two suspects were spotted fleeing from the E-Z Cash & Pawn at 807 Monmouth. One had been shot.

A short police pursuit followed and one suspect was later arrested after he attempted to hide in the area of 8th & Maple Streets in the East Row neighborhood.

The other suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Blood was seen on the ground around the store's entryway, as well as the nearby sidewalk and streets. Bullet holes on the facade of the building were spotted on multiple windows.


Bonnie Dodd, an employee at Albert's Men's Shop & Uniforms next door to the shooting, said that she was working on firefighter uniforms when she heard about ten gun shots.

"I wasn't sure they were gun shots but there were at least ten and by then we knew it was something, and I looked out the front door and you could see the car and the front end was not pulled in like it should have been and then we come up to the front of the store and I saw them take off," Dodd said of the suspects and the get-away vehicle. 

Dodd said that she saw one of the suspects bleeding and that the whole thing was over quickly.

"It was happening so fast you couldn't tell anything. It was like watching a movie, it wasn't real," she said. "But of course, we knew with the amount of gun shots and everybody out here yelling we new it was real."

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Investigators remained on the scene Wednesday afternoon.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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