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Two Teens Arrested After Pursuit, Shots Fired in Latonia

Two teenage boys - one who will need medical attention - are on their way to jail after shots were fired and a police pursuit ensued in Latonia on Sunday morning.

Shots were fired on the 3600 block of Tracy Avenue and the two boys fled the scene in a black SUV, ultimately stopping the vehicle on 43rd Street and fleeing on foot.

The pair eventually holed up in an abandoned house at 112 East 42nd Street, a block over, where they were apprehended by officers.

On the scene, one of the suspects was seen with two apparent lacerations on his face. He had been bandaged up.

Sgt. Jennifer Rudolph said that the teen likely suffered the facial injuries at his own hand when he fled police. She told The River City News that it was unclear at whom the shots were fired, or whether the SUV was stolen.

The SUV was seen being towed away.

The teens will likely face charges of wanton endangerment, burglary, and fleeing police, Rudolph said.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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