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Deep Sea Visit Available at Boone Library

A visit to the extreme depths of the ocean is now possible with a simple trip to the Boone County Public Library.

Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss will reveal the mysteries of the ocean's greatest depths and offers visitors the chance to explore newly discovered life forms, thermal vents, shipwrecks, and close-up views from deep-sea  submersibles.

A trip to a virtual model of the Titanic's deck is also possible thanks to a remotely operated vehicle. 

This exhibition is recommended for ages 9 and up. There are three interactive elements, standing exhibits and multiple video stations in this 4,000 square ft. display. The exhibit begins as you walk through the front door of the library and is spread throughout the first floors. Some of the exhibit elements, of interest to a younger audience, are located in the computer lab on first floor. 

Catch the display at the Main Library, 1786 Burlington Pike, in Burlington, from October 1 to January 7.

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