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Kenton County Seeks Feedback on Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Kenton County officials are looking for feedback on its bicycle and pedestrian plan.

A survey has been created at, designed to gather the thoughts of those who live, work, and play in the county. Information gathered by the survey will help identify existing bicycle and pedestrian conditions, discover potential issues, and begin to define priorities as the study begins.  

To help get the word out about the study, three bicycle and pedestrian safety and education public service announcements (PSA) aired on local television and social media outlets. The PSAs were made possible by a generous Paula Nye Grant from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, which is completely funded by donations to Kentucky’s “Share the Road” license plate program.  

“The public service announcements were a great way to educate people on bicycle and pedestrian safety, and to get the word out about the study,” says Chris Schneider, AICP, Principal Planner for PDS and project manager for study.  “The PSAs have been well received, and have resulted in people checking out the website and taking the survey.  That said, there are still lots of people we haven’t heard from and we want to hear from as many people as possible before the survey closes.” The survey portion of public input will be available at through October 9.  

The website also has the option to sign up for the Kenton Connects email list to stay informed about the project and to receive additional information about the study. This will include information about future public meetings and other participation opportunities for walking and biking enthusiasts.    

Kenton Connects is an effort to update existing plans and promote a safer and more convenient bicycle and pedestrian environment for these users and motorists alike.

“Bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation are becoming more popular in Kenton County,” says Schneider.  “With more and more users biking and walking, it is important to plan for their safe integration into the overall transportation network.” The most recent Kenton County bicycle plan was adopted in 1999, followed by the pedestrian plan in 2001.

-Staff report