Covington Neighborhood Projects Win Grants

The Center for Great Neighborhoods (CGN) awarded another round of Creative Community Grants for select Covington areas.

In this round, the target was four parts of town: Latonia, Lewisburg, Westside, and the "Eastern Four" (Helentown, Austinburg, Wallace Woods, and Levassor Park).

The total grants amount to nearly $25,000. Grantees were selected by a panel of judges that included professionals in arts-related organizations, Covington residents, and a staff person from The Center.

”We made some changes to the Creative Community Grant program this round by giving each neighborhood the opportunity to identify their own issue to have artists address,” said Shannon Ratterman, program manager at CGN. “I think this created a unique opportunity to have artists really target their project and be guided by the inspiration from the neighborhoods.”

Creative Community Grant recipients


Recipient: wm. & wm. strategic design

wm. & wm. strategic design will work with the Latonia community to develop a brand identity for their neighborhood. By involving the Latonia community in the development process, giving them the right branding tools, and by providing dedicated guidance and mentorship, they will be able to raise the visibility of the neighborhood and heighten the sense of a strong and vibrant community.

Eastern Four Neighborhoods

Recipient: Patrick Dougherty


Ceramicist Patrick Dougherty will work with the neighborhoods to design and create markers for the Licking River Greenway trails that are personal to the neighborhood and mark access points.


Recipient: Lauren Difulvio Wolf & Ride the Cov

Bike enthusiast Lauren Difulvio Wolf and a growing initiative called Ride the Cov will work with the city to make Covington more bike friendly. In the short term this will include additional bike racks and bike repair stations, mapping, signage, and marked pathways for shared roads.


Recipient: Ximena Flores

Mosaic artist Ximena Flores will work with the Lewisburg neighborhood to create a one of a kind art installation for Father Hanses Park. Her process will engage residents of the neighborhood, let them influence the design, and ultimately have them help create the piece that will be permanently housed in the neighborhood park.

Recipient: Madcap Puppets
As an added bonus, all four of the neighborhoods will get to host a different performance from Madcap Puppets.

CGN’s Creative Community Grants are funded through a multi-year grant from The Kresge Foundation to implement creative placemaking activities in Covington. More information about Creative Community Grants can be found online at

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