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Beautiful: Ludlow to Break Ground on New Plaza Project

Fresh off the announcement that a developer for Ludlow Yards has been selected, the City of Ludlow will break ground on another project that will transform the gateway to the city.

Ludlow Plaza is the construction of the new Municipal Parking Lot and Rail Viewing Station, next to the city building on Elm Street.

“The Ludlow Plaza Project is one component of an effort to create a transitional location from the east side of Ludlow into the Historic Downtown Business District,” said Mayor Ken Wynn. “This location, in conjunction with the Ludlow Yards Project, are the first of several projects to embrace the rail history of Ludlow in this location. As Ludlow plans for growth and future success, the community seeks to embrace the past as it creates a new future.”

This project is funded in part by the City and in part through the NKADD Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Program (BRLF). The BRLF program uses grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to finance the cleanup of brownfield sites to assist the redevelopment of these properties into viable and sustainable business or residences.

The City of Ludlow worked with Human nature, AEI, and Hub & Weber on the engineering and design of the project. The Municipal Parking Lot is designed to have spaces on the northern part of the lot for the use by retail visitors of Ludlow Yards (once constructed). The southern portion of the parking lot will be used for visitors and city employees.

The Rail Viewing Station will provide a unique space to view trains as they cross from Ohio into Kentucky passing over the Ohio River. The Rail Viewing is raised for optimal viewing. Rail enthusiasts have visited for years, and this will provide them a safe and ideal location for viewing.

This project contract has been awarded to Endeavor Construction, being the lowest and most responsible bid submitted, according to a news release. The official start date of construction is Monday, September 25.

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