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NKY's Highs and Lows in State Test Scores

The Kentucky Department of Education released its annual assessment data for school districts and individual schools across the state.

Local superintendents celebrated their gains and, where necessary, noted their areas in need of improvement.

Among local districts, Fort Thomas, Beechwood, and Walton-Verona Schools popped up most frequently on the lists of the top ten highest-performing schools in designated subject areas.

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Silver Grove, on the other hand, found itself multiple times on the lists of the ten lowest-performing schools in designated subject areas. Covington and Newport made appearances on those lists, too.

The River City News explored the struggles of Silver Grove Independent Schools, which was ranked last in Kentucky when the data was released in 2016. 

"The most important thing to do is, not panic," Silver Grove Superintendent Dennis Maines said during an interview in his office for the RCN Special Report: Silver Grove Searching for Survival. "Obviously a lot of hard work still went into the prior year. A lot of folks were disappointed and rightfully so, but what I had to overcome was, I can't change the past. It was what it was.
"My focus was on the future, what can I do now in this role to make the difference, so last year was a year of evaluating, assessing, taking inventory, and really getting a sense of the culture and expectations of our district."
On lists compiled by the Lexington Herald-Leader, after reviewing the data released Thursday, Silver Grove schools are still close to the bottom - though there are no statewide rankings this year as the state transitions to a new formula.
Silver Grove High School had the highest percentage of "novice" ratings for math, at 80 percent, and the second-highest percentage of "novice" ratings for social studies, at 60 percent. Holmes High School in Covington was sixth-worst on the social studies list, at 50 percent. 
At the elementary school level, Silver Grove had the ninth-worst score for reading, with 58.5 percent scoring at the "novice" level. In social studies, Silver Grove was fourth-worst in the state, with 53.8 percent scoring as "novice".
At the middle school level, Newport ranked tenth-worst with 35.4 percent scoring as "novice".
Familiar names made up the high scores for the region.
Fort Thomas Schools's Highlands Middle was ranked eighth-best in math with a score of 75.3 and tenth-best in reading at 79.8. Johnson Elementary was sixth-best in reading with a score of 87.4.
At the high school level, Beechwood Schools's Beechwood High was fourth-best in reading at 83.5, while Fort Thomas's Highlands was sixth at 81.3 and Walton-Verona Schools's Walton-Verona High was tenth-best at 75.6.
Beechwood High was second-best in social studies with a score of 91.2 while Highlands High ranked eighth at 82.7.
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-Staff report
Photo: Inside Silver Grove High School (RCN file)