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Bromley Gets New Mayor, Chance to "Get on Same Page"

Mike Denham is the new mayor of Bromley.

The city councilman was elevated to the city's highest office by a voice vote of his peers.

"I think I could really get the city to run a lot smoother, a lot better, and I'll be able to be here at all time," Denham told The River City News on Wednesday, following the special council meeting that led to his appointment.

He replaces Donnie Jobe, who resigned effective October 4, saying that his "heart wasn't in it anymore." Jobe's resignation came amid an investigation by the Kentucky State Police that started when the city building was raided in February. Kenton County Police removed computers and documents from the building but the specifics of the investigation are still unclear, even eight months later. 

Jobe, after announcing his resignation, told The River City News that he expects to be vindicated.

Mayor Denham said that he could not say much about the ongoing investigation.

"I don't think anybody has heard anything," Denham said. "I think it's probably one of those things where we'll wake up and, boom, there it is. I can't say the issue. There could be more than one issue."

Jobe is still chief of the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department and Denham expects that a professional relationship will be developed between the two. 
"I've known Donnie for a long time. We will have to find a way to work together," the new mayor said. "If it doesn't happen, I'll just have to do the best that I can do."
Denham was one of the council members who frequently challenged Jobe's way of conducting business in the city. During Jobe's frequent absences, longtime council member Gail Smith often presided over the meetings.
Council member Tim Wartman nominated Smith to be the new mayor, but his motion died for lack of a second.
Denham was then nominated and selected unanimously.
"As mayor, you have to take responsibility and be around," Denham said. "I bring a lot of insight. I lived here almost all my life and know the majority of people in the city. I think we can do nothing but get better and help the community out and move forward."
The 1977 Dixie Heights High School graduate is employed at Good Sense, and says that the top priority is getting council on the same page.
"I don't think we were totally working together because we didn't have a true leader to bring us together and I think my leadership and ability to reach out to these council members - I just want all that to be up front," he said. 

The city has a Main Street beautification project on the horizon and also voted to hire a new zoning specialist and building inspector, opting not to contract with Kenton County Planning & Development Services. The previous inspector worked for the city for nearly three decades but resigned around the same time as Jobe.

"I hope that everybody understands the only reason I took this position was to be fair and to be open and assist them in any way I can assist them, along with the help of council," Denham said.

Denham told RCN that he would run for a full term as mayor next year. His now vacant council seat may be filled at the next meeting on November 1.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: City attorney Kim Vocke (left) administers the oath of office to new Bromley Mayor Mike Denham