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Film Shooting in Cincinnati Looks for "Rough, Backwater-Type" Extras

Yet another Hollywood production is coming to the Cincinnati area - and it's looking for extras.

Rough extras.

Donnybrook is based on the 2013 novel of the same name and according to Rumble Films, the studio producing it, the movie is "a wild, backwoods version of Fight Club meets No Country for Old Men." The story involves a man hard up for cash and determined to support his family decides to compete in the Donnybrook, a legendary bare-knuckle brawl where a $100,000 prize goes to the last man standing.

Local agency D. Lynn Meyers Casting is working on the project and is looking for extras.

In a Facebook post, the casting agency calls for "all types of people" but notes that they are "especially looking for "rough types", including people with beards, wrinkles, and tattoos, and who are fighters and "backwater types".

Any interested extras should submit photos and contact info to [email protected].

-Staff report

Image via Rumble Films