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His Business is Making NKY Students Do Better on the ACT

As standardized testing rises in importance for high school students headed to college, many turn to Tony Miglio and Northern Kentucky Tutoring to improve their scores.
Miglio has owned the business for seven years and has helped many students bring their ACT math scores up anywhere from one to eight points, he said. He helps students from all over the United States, and is currently skyping with eight students from Texas, New York, and Las Vegas.
"I had one student, who graduated from Bellevue High school this year, who raised his math score five points," Miglio related. "Now in his first year of college, he has been placed in an accelerated math class and was able to skip one year of college."
Miglio is a former teacher, and his love of that profession led to the creation of his tutoring business. 
He schools students on algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, and he offers two classes a week, one on Saturday morning and the other on Thursday evening. Classes are held at Holy Trinity Elementary in Newport. 
The program Miglio offers is geared toward the ACT test. The next test is October 28, and students are worked with for four weeks prior.
"Our classes don't have more than ten students," explained Miglio. "We have two hours of intense math instruction. Every student comes in with a different level of  knowledge, but with ten or less students, I can focus on what each student needs to improve his or her knowledge."
The ACT test is offered roughly every two months and Miglio times his classes so that they end just before each test so that the information is fresh. Classes for the December 9 ACT test start in early November.
"I am now working with Dayton High School, and I have two students who are in my class," said Miglio. "The new thing I am working on is a sponsorship for the tuition, a type of scholarship for the students who need the help but their parents can't quite afford it."
Dayton councilman Joe Neary has provided the first sponsorship, and Miglio is hopeful others will follow suit.
"I've been lucky enough to have had good people in my youth that gave me opportunities to succeed," Neary said. "If I can give a student a chance to get better test scores and better opportunities in their life, it's only a small investment for me, but could be a huge benefit for them. With the great track record of this program, I feel it's a solid investment, and am glad to participate."
Neary also said this sponsorship is a great way to "pay it forward."
"The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for students who need this service to have the ability to take this class," said Miglio. "An increased ACT score can help change students' lives, and this class does just that."
The cost of class for a student is $400, and that includes 8 hours of classwork, the ACT book, and a custom math study guide for the test.
Miglio has a website,, where anyone can can find out information on the classes or to set up a sponsorship.  
Miglio said that with his college minor in psychology, he can also help students fight any anxiety issues they might have about taking tests.
"This is perfect for students who have the other subjects covered, and just need help with math," Miglio said. "This gives them confidence that they know the answers and can do well on the ACT in math. With confidence and knowledge, there is no limit to what they can do. Taking these classes is life-changing."
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Tony Miglio (provided)