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Bond Stays Same for 3 Accused of Robbing Delivery Driver of Pizza, Wings

New details emerged Thursday in the case against three men accused of robbing a delivery driver of chicken wings and pizza.

The three suspects appeared in Kenton District Court for a preliminary hearing where Judge Ken Easterling kept their bonds at $10,000 cash, objecting to the requests from the defense attorneys for a reduced amount.

Jeffery Dodd, 19, Jacob Hoskins, 20, and Malachi Rice, 18, are all charged with first degree robbery. Hoskins also had an outstanding warrant, according to jail records.

Covington Police officer Gideon Craymer testified that investigators believe that the three men placed the delivery order themselves, using an address on the 900 block of Baker Street.

Since their arrests, the three suspects have pointed to each other as the lead culprit, so details at the prelim were murky.

It was stated that one of the men had planned to punch the Domino's Pizza delivery driver and then take the food, and possibly more, but when the trio got a look at the driver's size, they opted for robbery instead.

Though no gun was ever visible, one of the men created the illusion of being armed by hiding his hand in a hooded sweatshirt. Another one of the guys retrieved the food from the vehicle.

Then they all ran off.

The delivery driver pursued them and saw the guys enter a house on Crescent Avenue.

Officers responded and found the pizzas and chicken wings, along with clothes used in the alleged robbery, hidden in a dropped ceiling.

No gun was located.

The attorney for Malachi Rice pleaded with Judge Easterling to allow for a 10 percent cash bond so that he could return to school where he just needs six credits to graduate. He would be monitored and under the supervision of family, the attorney stated. Attorneys for the other men made similar requests.

Easterling maintained the bonds at $10,000.

The case was handed over to the Kenton County Grand Jury which will consider whether to indict the men on the robbery charge.

Michael Monks, editor & publisher