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Bellevue High School Turns Classroom Into Innovation Lab for Robotics

A classroom at Bellevue High School has been transformed into an innovation lab.
That's where students are discovering robotics and coding, said Janis Winbigler, of Bellevue Independent Schools' district support services. She said students have created robots that have been directed to go through the halls and all the way to Superintendent Robb Smith's office.
Winbigler explained that students are doing this work outside of regular school hours with the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP). Students are learning to build a maze and to guide spheres through it.
"We are also working at Grandview (elementary) to do a little robotics so that students can move seamlessly into high school," said Winbigler. "We could make this whole area a makerspace." She indicated the library space.  "It's baby steps, but we are going to get there."
Deneen Zimmerman, from district academics services, said roughly $20,000 will be spent on security cameras in and around the high school campus. 
Tara Wittrock, from special populations, told the board of education at its most recent meeting, that the preschool population is at 57 students, two more than last year. The head start program is full with 20 kids.   
She said the district has two successful book programs, one called Tiger Cubs, and another that is dubbed Hear Our Roar.
Angela Young, principal at Grandview, said the school will have its Halloween parade on Tuesday, October 31, and teachers and administrators will be dressing up also.
She told the board that the school is working on a Veterans Day program that will be held on the morning of November 10.
The high school is also working on a Veterans Day program.
Superintendent Robb Smith said the district has done a topography study on the playground at Grandview and plans are almost ready to be finalized. The playground was damaged by fire over the summer.
Several students were honored as students of the month for Tiger Spirit: Alexis Fey, Conner Graham, Olivia Hatch, Brandon Carter, Alijah Griffin, Nathan Casto, and Sophis Dougherty were honored from Grandview Elementary, and Catalina Craig, Damian Walls, Brendan Haas, Jenna Hilbert, Austin Hazares, Jesse Day, and Chase Stephenson, from the high school received recognition.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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