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Driver to Face 5 Murder Charges After Crash that Killed Entire Family

The man believed to have caused the crash on Staffordsburg Road that killed a family of five will face murder charges.

Daniel Greis, 57, is charged with five counts of murder, Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders announced Thursday.

He was behind the wheel of a Honda Pilot that crashed into Honda Accord driven by Rodney Pollitt last Thursday. Pollitt, 26, was killed, along with his fiancee, Samantha Malohn, 27, and their three children, Hailieann Pollitt, 9, Brenden Pollitt, 8, Cailie Pollitt, 6, all of Dry Ridge. Rodney Pollitt lived in Independence and while Malohn and the children lived in Dry Ridge where the kids attended Grant County Schools.

Greis, 57, was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center to be treated for injuries that included multiple fractures, according to Sanders. An arrest warrant was issued the day of the crash after a blood test revealed that Greis had been drinking. He also confessed to smoking marijuana and the drug was found at the scene. He told investigators that he had been golfing in Campbell County and was headed back to his Independence home. 

It was previously reported that Greis's vehicle went left of center on the curvy Staffordsburg Road but Sanders said Thursday that the investigation has revealed that Greis was attempting to pass another vehicle at the time and was completely in the same lane as Pollitt's vehicle when the head-on crash happened.

A witness told police that his vehicle was being closely followed by Greis until Greis attempted to pass him just prior to the crash.

Greis's blood-alcohol level is believed to have been between 0.083 and 0.092. The legal limit in Kentucky is 0.08.

"He was entirely in their lane of travel on a two-lane curvy, country road where passing is not permitted," Sanders said. 

Greis was transported by ambulance from UC Medical Center to the Kenton County Detention Center where he turned himself in. Upon evaluation by the jail's medical staff, it was determined that Greis needed more medical attention than the jail could provide so he was transported to an undisclosed medical facility.
Sanders said that law enforcement did not want to create a security threat by revealing where Greis is being guarded by Kenton County Police, but noted that this was a precautionary move and that no threats had been made.
Greis was not made aware of the arrest warrant originally so that he did not become a flight risk, Sanders said.
Greis will face 20 to 50 years or life in prison on each count, Sanders said.
The Independence Fire Department is hosting a fundraiser to help with expenses for the family of the Pollitts and Malohn. It is scheduled for Saturday, November 18, from 6 to 11 p.m. at St. Barbara Church in Independence. A GoFundMe page has raised more than $30,000 for the family with a goal of raising $50,000.
Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher
Images via GoFundMe
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