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One Dead, One Shot at Richwood Truck Stop

One man is dead and another is wounded in a shooting at the Pilot truck stop in Richwood.

According to the Boone County Sheriff's Department, an altercation between two truckers resulted in one truck driver pulling a gun on the other. The armed driver wounded the other man in the arm and then shot and killed himself.

Truck stop video showed Ronald Melvin, 44,of Morrow, Oh., pulling into one of the fuel pump lines and as he gets out of his truck, another semi-truck pulled up just ahead of him, two spaces down. Melvin walked to the front of his truck and then towards the other truck, and within seconds is seen running for cover, likely after being shot in the arm.

After shooting Melvin, Jeffrey Maggard, 50, of Walton, turned the gun on himself and died.

Witnesses reported to the sheriff's department that the two men were involved in some sort of road rage incident in the parking lot.

Watch the Boone Co. Sheriff's video here.

An earlier version of this story said that the truck stop was in Walton. It is in Richwood.

-Staff report

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