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Ft. Wright Leaders Call for Convicted Killer to Stay in Prison

A man sentenced to 25 years for a 1992 murder is up for parole.

The mayor and former police chief in Ft. Wright want to keep him behind bars.

Carlos Faulkner has a parole hearing scheduled for November 29. He was convicted in 1992 in the murder of Lesly Briede in her Ft. Wright home. She was stabbed nearly forty times and beaten with a barbell.

At the time, Kentucky did not have a law that supported life sentences without the possibility of parole. That changed after Briede's family worked with State Rep. Arnold Simpson (D-Covington) to adopt the Briede Bill. However, it could not be retroactively applied to previously convicted prisoners like Faulkner.

"I know many of you are from families that have lived in Fort Wright for generations and can recall when this heinous crime was committed by Mr. Faulkner," Mayor Dave Hatter wrote in a letter to the public. "I remember it well as it took place not far from the home that I grew up in and that my parents still live in to this day.

"Mr. Faulkner’s hearing in front of the Parole Board is scheduled for November 29, 2017. If you feel strongly, like I do, that Mr. Faulkner should never be released from prison, I urge you to contact the Kentucky Parole Board and let them know they should keep Mr. Faulkner incarcerated."

Former police chief Dan Kreinest said that he was one of the investigators in the 1992 murder on Fort Henry Drive, where Briede died in her own bedroom after Faulkner stole a garage door opener from her mother's car while she was at St. Paul's Church nearby. 

"The investigation of this murder revealed several other women were also harassed, threatened and stalked by Carlos Faulkner and they were very afraid of him," Kreinest wrote. "Lesly was not the only victim of Carlos Faulkner, just the most tragic. It was the worst crime and crime scene that I worked in thirty-eight years of law enforcement.

"Carlos Faulkner has never accepted responsibility that I am aware of for his actions. Indeed, he has spent much of his time filing frivolous appeals of his sentence. I believe Carlos Faulkner is a very real threat to the victim’s family, witnesses and the Fort Wright community if he would be released. ... Carlos Faulkner should serve a life sentence without parole for the brutal planned intentional murder of Lesly Briede. I encourage all Fort Wright Citizens to write the parole board and advocate for Carlos Faulkner serve out a life sentence."

The Briede family experienced another tragedy years later when, in 2013, Lesly Briede's niece, Michaela Briede was shot to death in her Ft. Mitchell home.

For those interested in contacting the parole board:

E-mail at [email protected], via fax at 502-696-1967, or via mail at the following address:

Kentucky Parole Board
Division of Parole and Victim Services 
P.O. Box 2400 
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602

RE: Defendant: Faulkner, Carlos DOC#115164 
Indictment # 92-CR-614 
County Of Conviction: Kenton

To read Hatter and Kreinest's letter, click here.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo Carlos Faulkner (via Kentucky Department of Corrections)