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Four Local Soldiers Honored for Saving Woman's Life

Four local soldiers were honored for helping a sick woman in the Florence Recruiting Center parking lot.

Florence city council hosted the presentation of Army Accommodation Medals by Commander LTC Che Arosemena.

Honored were SFC Dustin White, SSG Aaron Horlick, SFC Frederick Klodt, and SFC John Cottrell. 

On May 23 an elderly woman was in her car in the recruiting office parking lot when she became ill.  

The four soldiers immediately came out to help. One called 911 while others administered first aid.  

The woman was incoherent and was having trouble breathing. She could not move her arms or legs, according to Captain Kevin Chestnut. The soldiers contacted the woman's kids and arranged for them to meet the ambulance at the hospital.  

Because of their actions, the woman was able to get the medical attention she needed and doctors said they saved her life.

Other notes:

Florence city council approved a zone change to allow the construction of a Holiday Inn Express to move forward at the corner of Vandercar Way and Seligman Drive.

Jacob Brooks, YMCA director, reported on new efforts to engage more people in fitness-focused and healthy activities. The American Heart Association has partnered with Medpace and they have identified three walking routes, or connector paths to other trails in the city.

The first is on KY 18, the second is down Ewing Boulevard to U.S. 42, and the third is in the Orleans subdivision.  

The organizations have asked Florence to support them in putting up signs identifying and promoting the trails. Mayor Diane Whalen said that the city would do that.

Finally the city recognized Brownie Troop 7266.  

Under the leadership of Mary Corcheran, the eight girls are working on getting to know themselves and how they can help the community. At the end of the meeting, Mayor Whalen allowed them each to ask a question. One asked how many species of animals were in Florence, and one asked how Mayor Whalen ran the city.   

Another question was how many homeless people there are in the city, which Whalen was unsure of at the moment. 

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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