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Actors Learn to Play Dead in Black Farce "Unvarnished Truth" in Ft. Thomas

Well, oops.
Playwright Tom and wife Annabel are a reasonably happy married couple until one evening they have an argument as to who loves the other most. Things escalate and uh-oh, Annabel is done in by a beanbag chair.
It’s the beginning of farcical black comedy The Unvarnished Truth, on stage at Village Players Dec. 1-9.
Let’s just say Annabel is the first to fall, but as folks come to visit, she’s not the last. We checked in with Angela Klocke Forbes, Fort Thomas resident, playwright, and one of Unvarnished Truth’s victims.
She likes that she drops in late in the show. It’s not about stage time. It’s about the tight playing space. “Thankfully, my character isn't dragged around the stage and stuffed into the ‘loo’ as are the others! I just have to lie there and pray no one steps on me. Seriously, it is a bit terrifying. I am literally praying.”
That’s not the only scary thing for the actors. Forbes notes, it’s “definitely the first time many of us have been dead on stage. It is its own kind of challenge – ‘Am I breathing too deeply?’”
The reference to the ‘loo’ is a clue that the hectic action is set in London. And the beanbag chair mentioned above definitely sets it in the Seventies.
Klocke Forbes acknowledges, considering our current sensitivity to relations between men and women, “it most definitely demonstrates attitudes that at best seem a bit unenlightened, and, at worse, misogynistic.
“I give the author a reluctant pass since a) it is a product of its time and b) the men aren't portrayed much better - they are not heroes.” (Count among them a police lieutenant afflicted with Saint Vitus's dance.)
“In fact, the action of the play is built around (the men’s) collective bumbling incompetence.”
Klocke confesses, not to murder but to an affinity for dark comedy. She’s currently working on a full-length play. “Ironically, or maybe not, it seems to be taking the shape of a dark farce.”
Her 10-minute plays pop up all over the area. Forbes recently wrote a 10-minute piece for a fundraiser supporting Behringer-Crawford Museum “and over the summer, my play A Shot in the Dark Matter was part of Know Theatre’s serials.” Another 10-minute play, Not Bad News, was produced by The Drama Workshop for its Home Brew Theater.
The Unvarnished Truth, Dec. 1-9. Village Players, Ft. Thomas Woman’s Club lower level, 8 North Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas. 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, 3 p.m. Sunday. Tickets $20. 859.392.0500 and
Written by Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts