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LOL: Comedian Visits New Florence Storage Facility

Cardinal Storage opened earlier this month and had its most famous visitor yet on Monday when comedian Donnie Baker showed up.

And yes, he had some jokes to tell in his endorsement.

"You wouldn't think this is a storage place. It's called Cardinal Storage," Baker said in a video posted to his Facebook page that has received nearly 90,000 views as of this writing. "But it looks like Graceland and a Cracker Barrel had a baby."

"I love this place," he continued, "and I even hate birds."

"You have to come here to Cardinal Storage. They got boxin' and shippin' supplies in case you're gettin' ready to leave your wife and kids."

The video got a comment from comedian Amiri King.

"Literally looking for long term storage with great security and I come across this," King said on Facebook in reply to Baker's video. "Let them know I'll be a customer by the end of spring."


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