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Covington Accepts Resignation of Longtime Engineer

He spent roughly eight years at the City of Covington but in a meeting that took less than five minutes, Mike Yeager's time at City Hall came to an end.

In a special meeting called for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Yeager's resignation was accepted by a vote of 4-0.

The River City News reported last week that City Manager David Johnston said that he had asked for Yeager's resignation as city engineer/development manager. He was heavily criticized in a report about the management of the city's code enforcement department. Multiple employees had resigned abruptly from the department, and one was critical of Yeager, who, during the investigation, sought public records from that former employee's previous employer, the City of Blue Ash, Oh.

Yeager passed that information on to the investigator.

Mayor Joe Meyer told the Enquirer that Yeager "undermined" the investigation.

Meyer was joined by city commissioners Tim Downing, Jordan Huizenga, and Michelle Williams in voting to accept the resignation. Commissioner Bill Wells was not present.

The terms of the resignation include two months severance pay for Yeager, as well as an assurance that the City of Covington will not contest any unemployment claim. In return, Yeager will not pursue legal action against the City of Covington and waives the right to any hearing.

"I thank Mike for his service to the city and the good people of Covington," Huizenga said before the vote. "I regularly heard good feedback of Mike's service."

No one else offered public remarks during the short meeting in which Yeager's resignation was the only item to be considered.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher