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Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical Arrives in Newport

It's holiday time down in Armadillo Acres (North Florida's premier mobile-living community), and everyone's filled with warmth and beer.

‘Tis the season and Footlighters unveils The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical  through Dec. 16. In this jingle-y companion piece to the original, delightfully goofy G.A.T.P.M., the trailer park Scrooge refuses to get in the spirit of the holiday as the gang readies for a visit from Mobile Homes & Gardens, and their shot at winning the not-so-fabulous prize money for best holiday decorations.

Audiences loved the original Trailer Park when Footlighters produced the show in 2013. The trio of heroines – park manager Betty, prodigious Lin (née Linoleum), and unwed mother Pickles - are again played by Amy Grace Curtis, Kendra Struthers, and Pamela Blessing.

All three agree returning to their roles was as easy as falling off a barrel of Keg Nog and Blessing sums it up when she says, “Being surrounded by my girls has made it that much easier! As soon as we got together for the first time I could feel us all just sliding right back into roles as if we had never left.”

Curtis (who assures that Betty is still working on her tan) says A Christmas Carol absolutely gets a nod at Armadillo Acres. “Our main character, Darlene, has to reflect on some past issues in her life in order to reach the conclusion that in order to be the real Darlene she must embrace the spirit of the season.”

Darlene is played by Aubrey Wilson who returns in a new role.

Blessing adds that the Dickensian lesson-amidst-the-laughs is “to not let your past hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Being generous and kind will always result in you being happy, too.”

As for the decorations that are intended to leave Mobile Homes & Gardens speechless, they all have their favorite.

Curtis admires “the clutch of vintage plastic light-up figures, which include a 5-foot Santa Claus that adorns Betty’s trailer along with a few other key “reason for the season” figures.”

“Zombie Santa,” Blessing laughs. Blessing found ’Zombie Santa’ “in the depths of my parent's basement. It’s a really old handmade decoration. When I saw it I just knew that I had to bring it with me to Armadillo Acres.”

Struthers is also a fan of “The (almost) life-size light-up Santa. And the fact that Betty's trailer has balls. Big Christmas balls.”

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical, Nov. 30-Dec. 16. Footlighters, 802 York St., Newport. 859-652-3849. 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday. Additional performance 8 p.m. Dec. 13. Standard: $22 in advance ($23 at door) ($1 handling fee.) . 859-652-3849 and here.

Written by Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts

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