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Man Accused of Posting Photos of Teen on Pornographic Website

The last time he sent text messages to her, she happened to be sitting with Kenton County Police officers who helped her arrange a meeting. She showed up to talk to police after her former boyfriend continued to violate an interpersonal protective order (IPO) and showed up at Northern Kentucky University, where she attends.

Dreyman Releford agreed to the meeting and when he showed up to the designated spot, behind the Kroger store in Independence, he was arrested.

Releford, 20, is accused of breaking into the woman's home by using a shovel to shatter a window. Once inside, he either wanted to kill himself or have the woman kill him.

That was the testimony offered on Tuesday afternoon by a Kenton Co. Police officer during a preliminary hearing for Releford who faces charges of second degree burglary, violation of an IPO, and distribution of child pornography.

His former girlfriend alleges that Releford posted seven images of her on the website Pornhub in an account opened in the woman's name. The images, she and the police said, show her when she was 17.

Pornhub is working with the police, the officer testified. A video posted of the girl had been viewed 94 times and some pictures were seen hundreds of times before they were removed, it was stated Tuesday.

Releford, who was arrested on November 25, is being held at the Kenton County Detention Center on $25,000 bond. The case was sent to the Kenton County Grand Jury for consideration.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher