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Man Charged in Brutal Assault on Two Gay Men, Woman

Editor's note: The River City News has decided not to name the victims in this case, per their request. This story has been updated to include a link to a Go Fund Me account to support the victims.

On the night of Sunday, November 24, two men and a woman gathered at the men's Covington home for a visit and to dine on Thanksgiving leftovers.

While that was going on, David Bruckman headed to Bakewell Street and allegedly broke into the woman's home. She had a protective order against him and there had been violence in the past.

Bruckman, police say, ransacked her home. A witness told The River City News that kitchen cabinets, a TV, and other personal belongings were damaged.

When the woman returned home and saw what had happened, her two male friends, a gay couple, rejoined her at her place. That's when Bruckman is accused of repeatedly calling her and making threats.

On Tuesday, in Kenton County District Court, Covington Police officer David Griswald testified during a preliminary hearing that Bruckman, the woman's ex-boyfriend, had warned her against hanging out with homosexuals. Bruckman continued to call as the three friends picked up the pieces.

During one of those calls, one of the men picked up and told Bruckman that the woman would not speak with him and to stay away. That did not sit well with Bruckman, who allegedly responded with anti-gay epithets. A witness said Bruckman said, "Fuck you, faggots, cock-sucking bitches."

The calls continued, and one of the gay men returned a call and left a voicemail that prompted Bruckman to pay the home another visit.

He was not alone.

"Her ex-boyfriend and someone else forced entry," Griswald testified. "He doesn't like her hanging out with homosexuals."

The beatings were intense.

"Fuck you faggot" and "faggot bitch" is what Bruckman and the accomplice yelled, Griswald said, as they wailed on the two men, leaving them both with a pair of broken eye sockets, one with a broken nose, and both needing facial surgery.

In a post at a Go Fund Me page established to raise money for the gay couple, which won't be shared here so as to protect their identities, the couple said, "In addition to the costs associated with our medical needs, we have both been required to miss work and garner legal representation. The men that did this to us have cost us a lot more than just our dignity."

After the men were taken to a Covington hospital, the woman returned home.

Bruckman came back, too.

Griswald said that 911 dispatch received a call from the woman's phone but the call died almost instantly. 

Officers responded to the home again and this time found no response at the door, even though what Griswald characterized as "thumping" could be heard from the inside. The police broke in and searched and only saw a dog barking at them. 

Officers called for the woman by name but heard nothing. 

They went upstairs.

That's where they found Bruckman looming over the woman. Police argued with him but he refused to relent. Ultimately, Griswald said, force was used and Bruckman was taken into custody.

The woman had been assaulted with visible injuries to her head. 

Whoever accompanied Bruckman during the first attack is still at large.

Bruckman, meanwhile, has ten arrests in Kenton County in just the past two years with charges like assault and multiple violations of emergency protective orders. He had been in a mental health program in Newport until the most recent charges when the program decided to stop working with him. 

A defense attorney asked for a lower bond for Bruckman, who works as a dry wall finisher, but Judge Douglas Grothaus wasn't having it, calling Bruckman "an extreme danger."

Bruckman, 49, is being held on $25,000 bond and faces charges of first degree burglary (two counts), second degree assault, first degree unlawful imprisonment, and violation of an emergency protective order.

The case was handed to the Kenton County Grand Jury to consider an indictment.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: David Bruckman (via Kenton Co. Detention Center)

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