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As Company Prepares to Expand, Neighbors Fear an Increase in Noise

As Continental Building Products is moving forward with expansion plans in Silver Grove, citizens are turning up to protest the additional noise that will be coming from the plant.

“It’s not going to get better, it’s only going to get worse,” one resident said of the issue.

If a rezoning request is approved at Tuesday night's Campbell County planning and zoning commission meeting, the size of Continental’s space could nearly double, moving closer to private homes along Route 8.

The expansion primarily consists of moving their loading area for trucks and expanding it so that loaded trailers could be ready when trucks arrive. Eventually the railroad spurs will be expanded within Continental’s property to potentially reduce the amount of trucks entering and exiting the property.

Continental has said previously that it plans to build a small hill with trees lining it to help reduce the noise near homes, but many believe that won’t be enough to help.

“There’s things that we can put in place as a city to to at least minimize if not eliminate (the sound),” said Mayor Neal Bedel, who is also employed by Continental. “I told them after P&Z that they’d have to figure out a way to eliminate the noise that might come.”

Bedel said that he is unsure of the exact design plans, but Continental is willing to work with the city.

Other concerns were raised over the potential of the expansion creating a truck stop environment where drugs and other illegal activities could manifest. However, Bedel said the area will still be guarded by Continental and that those problems don’t exist now, so the expansion of the plant shouldn’t change safety concerns regarding illegal activities.

Some also raised questions about traffic as trucks will now be entering and exiting the plant at Morschel Road instead of at Four Mile Road where there is a light.

“They’re looking for multiple options for going in and out of Morschel Road,” Bedel said.

Suggestions to keep accidents from happening included widening the road so trucks could essentially have an on-ramp to Route 8 or adding a light at Morschel Road to help regulate traffic.

Final decisions will be made by Continental and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Nuisance ordinance approved

The council also unanimously approved a nuisance ordinance that will allow the city to fine properties that have more than three police calls for any reason in less than a year’s time.

The ordinance was adopted after various locations have started requiring several police calls in a few months time.

Many on the council voiced concern over this issue months ago, stating that nuisance properties were dominating police time and it wasn’t fair that everyone was paying for the officer’s time.

Written by Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor
Photo: Continental in Silver Grove (RCN file)