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Honor Run Raises $36,000 for Honor Flights, $10,000 or Habitat for Humanity

The Honor Run Half Marathon in Florence resulted in $36,000 being presented to Honor Flight Tri-State at last week's Florence city council meeting.
Scott Spicher, organizer of the half marathon, thanked the city for four years of collaboration. Cheryl Popp, executive director of Honor Flight TriState, gave Spicher a giant crystal bowl.
Additionally, Spiecher presented $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity. That organization's executive director, Ed Lee, located a veteran of the Gulf War and the Iraq War who needed help with his furnace. The money was used to install a new HVAC system in that vet's Idlewild home.
"The whole goal is to serve the local community," said Spicher.
Mayor Diane Whalen told Spicher the city wanted to thank him.
"We want to express our appreciation," she said. "Every year it gets better and better. Without a strong leader, they don't get off the start line."
Council next listened to a rendition of "America the Beautiful", sung by Gary Greisser. This initiated a program by Pat Gutzeit, former Boone County Circuit Court Clerk, as well as Chief Deputy and Deputy Clerk.  About seven months ago, Gutzeit developed a program to recognize "Collaboration, Cooperation, and Commitment" resulting in making Boone County a great place to live.
Many places were listed as results of the "Three C" plan, including the senior center, the reconstruction of Mall Road, Florence World of Golf, the ball park, the skate park, the aquatic center, and the veterans' memorial, to list a few.   
Mayor Diane Whalen received an award for her dad, former mayor "Hop" Ewing. Awards were also presented to council, the administrative staff, and department heads.
In addition, an award was given to Skip Seltman, president of Crescent Paper Tube Company, the first business to locate in the industrial park in 1962. Ken Schmidt, President of Bawac was honored with an award also.
Bob Green, formerly of TRIAD, talked to council about the changes in Boone County, and Judge/Executive Gary Moore recorded a message that was played at the meeting.   
Greisser wrapped this part of the council meeting by singing "God Bless the USA".
Other notes:
Christmas trees will be picked up at the curb on January 3.  After that they can be dropped off at Stringtown Park on January 6. Rumpke will not pick up garbage on Christmas Day or New Year's Day, so garbage pickup will be pushed back one day those weeks.
Mayor Whalen reiterated the news that ABB Optical will be moving to Florence, after choosing the city from among others. The building they will occupy is not completed yet, but the plan is to move in within the next two to three years. 
She also said that when Amazon Prime opens on Aero Parkway, the city will want to know when the peak times of traffic are, and to that end, police will be conducting traffic counts on December 16 and 19, on Aero Parkway, Houston Road and Kentucky 18.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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