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RCN Live! Holiday Special: The Christmas Conversation NKY Needs

The conversation Northern Kentucky needs to have! With booze! 

RCN Live! is back for its third edition, and nobody tackles the issues that matter to NKY like The River City News. 


Join us as we look back on the year that was and the year that will be, with this live podcast featuring RCN publisher Michael Monks and special guests Rep. Dennis Keene (D-Wilder), NKY Chamber President Brent Cooper, Campbell County GOP Chair Sarah Cameron, live social media updates from Fort Thomas Matters publisher Mark Collier, and more! We will laugh about and toast to a wild year in Northern Kentucky - and offer resolutions to the River Cities to ensure success in 2018. If you saw our first two RCN Live! productions (winners of multiple Blue Chip Media awards) you know you are in for a fun, informative night - and it's the perfect time to break free between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Join us!

Click here to RSVP at the Facebook event.