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Ludlow Board of Education Concerned About Pension Costs

The Ludlow Independent School Board listened to a report by Superintendent Michael Borchers about a letter he received from the state concerning the CERS  Employer contribution rates that have just been set by the Kentucky Retirement Board of Trustees.  

The new rate for the school district for CERS nonhazardous is 28.05 percent, an increase of 8 percentage points.  

Borchers discussed the rate hike with the board, saying that it will be very costly for the district. He said that the only hope is that the Kentucky Legislature will pass a pension reform bill that will allow the district to phase in the increase over several years.

Borchers told the board that the situation will need to be monitored.

Both Jason Steffen, principal at Mary A. Goetz Elementary, and Travis Caudill, principal at Ludlow High School, took a turn presenting each school's comprehensive school improvement plans. Each principal discussed key components of their plan that has been reviewed by their staffs, and judged to be helpful in moving their school forward. The strategies that the plans were based on are Key Core Work Processes, and these will be monitored by the staff at each school on a regular basis.

Jennifer McMillen, college and career-readiness coordinator, presented the comprehensive district improvement plan to the board for approval. The District Advisory Team developed the District Improvement Plan and will review the plan at its monthly meetings.

McMillen also reported to the board about the district's holiday dinner party that was held on December 7, before the high school band concert. Families of students from preschool through 12th grade came to enjoy a turkey dinner, decorate and bake cookies, play games that involved math and book bingo, make a name ornament, and enjoy talking about favorite holiday customs and traditions.  

Over 300 people came to the dinner, representing 71 families.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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