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More than 7,000 Guests Stay at Covington, Newport, Bellevue Airbnb Rentals

7,220 guests checked into Airbnb rental units in Covington, Newport, and Bellevue in 2017, earning their hosts $685,000 during the year.

The internet rental powerhouse reported Thursday that hosts across Kentucky earned a total of $19.2 million from 166,000 guests in 2017.

The number of guests represents 103 percent year-over-year growth. There are nearly 3,500 hosts in Kentucky who share their homes or properties via Airbnb, earning an average of $4,900 annually, the company reported.

Louisville (78,080 guests and $10 million in revenue) and Lexington (27,630 guests and $3.1 million in revenue) topped the list of Kentucky cities while Covington was third with 5,230 guests and $489,000 in revenue.

Newport was ranked thirteenth with 1,140 guests and $123,000 in revenue while Bellevue was nineteenth with 850 guests and $73,000 in revenue. Data for other Northern Kentucky cities was not part of the report.

Airbnb reported that Louisville saw an economic impact of $3.5 million from Airbnb guests during the Kentucky Derby while Lexington offered expanded lodging capacity and affordable homes for parents during commencement programs at the University of Kentucky. More rural areas of the state saw a massive influx of guests during the total eclipse in August.

The state announced a tax agreement in October allowing Airbnb to collect and remit the Kentucky state sales tax on behalf of its hosts. The company stated in a news release that it hopes to secure additional agreements with Kentucky cities in 2018.

What follows is an overview of 2017 guest arrivals and total host income, broken down by the top 20 home sharing in Kentucky:

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