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Parents Who Lost Babies Donate CuddleCot to Christ Hospital

A new device at Christ Hospital will help grieving parents who lose a child at birth.

The hospital was joined by Ashlie's Embrace in announcing the placement of a CuddleCot, which consists of a cooling unit and pad that lay in a bassinet or Moses basket to keep a baby cool after stillbirth or infant loss. The cool temperatures slow some of the natural changes that happen after death, allowing parents and family more time to grieve and say goodbye.

Ashlie's Embrace, a nonprofit founded by Erin and Anthony Maroon after the loss of their daughter, Ashlie, partnered with the McMasters family of Milford, Oh., in making the donation to Christ.

Ashley and Michael McMasters’ daughter Ellie was stillborn in September of last year at almost 38 weeks gestation. The McMasters knew that giving the gift of a CuddleCot would be a lasting way to remember their daughter.

“We wanted to give parents the option of spending extended time with their babies,” Ashley McMasters said.

Ashlie’s Embrace co-founder Erin Maroon agreed.

“We hope this CuddleCot™ will be a blessing to the parents faced with the shock of losing a child to stillbirth or shortly after birth,” said Maroon. “We are honored the McMasters family chose us to help them honor their daughter’s legacy.”

“The CuddleCot will help us to provide more precious time to parents and families who are grieving the loss of their infants – time when they can hold, bathe, and dress their babies just like any other family would be able to do,” said Charla Payne, Perinatal Nurse Educator and Coordinator of Lactation and Childbirth Education at The Christ Hospital.

The device is manufactured and used extensively in the United Kingdom, yet there are fewer than 500 of them in U.S. hospitals, a news release said.

-Staff report