Suspected Thanksgiving Thieves Return to Edgewood Church for Christmas Heist

On Thanksgiving evening, a van pulled up to St. Pius X Catholic Church in Edgewood. People got out, broke into the church, and stole money from the candles near the statue of the Blessed Virgin.

On Christmas, the van returned.

"I had a feeling they could stop again thinking no one is around the church at that time. Sure enough they were here around 5:30," Rev. Baiju Kidaagen wrote in a Facebook post. "I was getting out to go for a Christmas party and I noticed the van was parked right in front of the church. I recognized the van from Thanksgiving evening. I stopped my car behind the van and the driver came out to talk to me." 

The driver, Kidaagen said, asked for the number to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, but the reverend assumed the driver was making an excuse after being spotted. 

"While I was talking to him I saw couple others by our main church door. I told the man I don’t have the number and as he turned to walk to the car I took a picture of the van," Kidaagen wrote. "I called the police and an officer came and a report was made again. While I was on the phone with the police they all got in the car and drove away."

Kidaagen said that the suspects in the van come to the church rectory frequently asking for help. Following the Thanksgiving break-in, St. Pius X installed magnetic locks on its doors, but on Christmas the thieves were able to get back in through a side door.

This trip was not as fruitful for the thieves.

"They tried to open the candle money box by the Holy Family statue. We believe they were not able to get anything," Kidaagen wrote.

The church is hopeful that the community may recognize the van and alert Edgewood Police if it is spotted.

"Other than that," Kidaagen wrote, "it was a merry Christmas."

-Staff report

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