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Ft. Thomas Democrat to Challenge Republican Fischer for House Seat

A Fort Thomas Democrat is jumping in the race for state representative - district 68, held since 1999 by Republican Joe Fischer, also of Fort Thomas.

Jason Kilmer formally filed to run against Fischer and made his announcement on Thursday and said that Fischer has been in office long enough.

“Mr. Fischer has served for almost two decades and I and others believe it is time for a change," KIlmer said in a news release. "I will be improving our school districts, not trying to undermine them. Campbell County Schools, Fort Thomas Independent Schools, and our beloved Catholic school systems are some of the best in the state. There is no reason to hinder their progress and growth.

"I will work with local heroin/opioid advocacy groups to find a real solution to the problem, not just pay it lip service. Also, I will not sign any bill that taxes work over wealth. Our tax code is broken, it gives more breaks to those that don’t need them while pushing the tax burden onto the backs of working families. We need to lighten the load on our small businesses, so they can grow and expand because that’s where real economic growth comes from.”

Fischer has only been challenged in two of his ten elections.

Kilmer, who grew up in Alexandria and works as a mechanical drafter for Ethicon, said that he is ready to bring a youthful excitement to Frankfort.

“I’m not a career politician like Joe Fischer; however, I have a great group of people surrounding me," Kilmer said, "the support of my family and wonderful wife Amanda and I am ready for the challenge and ready to lead the fight for the working families, just like mine, in our great district. What will differentiate me from Joe is that I will be available. I will be there at all times for you, not just during election time. I feel that the complaints of the district fall on deaf ears, that will stop with me.”

Jason lives in Fort Thomas, in the Woodfill District, with his wife, Amanda, and two young daughters, Fiona, 4, and Gwyneth, 2.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher