NKY Picnic Table Project Looks to Bring Region Together with Art & Food

The Public Arts Network of Northern Kentucky has announced its new community initiative – The NKY Picnic Table Project - described as a low-cost, high-impact project that will bring the region’s communities together with art and food.

Any person, family, or group, such as a business, school, church, neighborhood, city, or club, can purchase a custom-built picnic table from the Network for $500. After all purchases are made, the picnic tables will be delivered to a local warehouse, where the real fun begins.

Over two weekends in April, the individuals or groups that purchased the tables will visit the warehouse to decorate their tables any way their hearts desire. The Network will supply refreshments, paint, and other art supplies at the warehouse.

“The picnic table is a timeless symbol of sharing and togetherness,” said Chris Manning, principal and landscape architect for Human Nature, Inc. and a member of the Public Arts Network. “This project allows individuals and organizations to join other Northern Kentuckians to gather together, show our pride, and decorate their tables to create and celebrate the unique mosaic that is our region.”

Once the table artwork is finished, all the tables will be delivered to the Purple People Bridge on Saturday, June 16, for a community picnic over the Ohio River. After the picnic, the tables will be transported to their final homes throughout the Northern Kentucky region, where they will provide unique art and new opportunities for community picnics throughout the year.

“As the convening member of the Public Arts Network, we are excited to be spearheading this project,” said Jill Morenz, director of Community Initiatives and Communications for The Catalytic Fund. “The Purple People Bridge will be the perfect setting for this huge picnic to celebrate our Northern Kentucky communities and the individuals who live and work in them.”

For more information about The Picnic Table Project, please visit www.NKYpicnic.org.

To learn more about the Public Arts Network of Northern Kentucky, please visit www.publicartsnetworkNKY.org.

-Staff report